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What Attracts Women to Men: 15 Desirable Traits Women Crave

While most women have a unique list of traits they look for in a man, there are some common qualities that most would say are what attracts women to men.

Even though what attracts women to men tends to be unique to each women, there are a few universal agreements on what traits Mr. Right should have and how he should behave. Some of these preferences include contradictions which can be confusing to men at times.

What attracts women to men

Now, there is no exact formula for men to make themselves attractive to most women. This will serve as a handy guide to understand which male characteristics women place value.

So if any male readers have preconceptions on the matter, get educated on the things that attract women to men.

#1 Financially smart and stable. It is a common myth that wealth is the primary trait that makes men attractive to women. In reality, women place greater value on men who are financially smart and stable. Any amount of wealth is useless if a man is not capable of managing his finances and does not know how to live according to his means.

Women prefer to date a man who is capable of supporting himself, a family, and any financial difficulty. Needless to say, a man who lacks the aforementioned skills will not be a reliable provider which will cause problems later on.

#2 Assertiveness and leadership. An assertive man is someone who knows how to get what they want in life. This quality goes hand in hand with leadership. This is the ability to provide appropriate direction to a group of people. Women love men who are comfortable with taking charge, especially when it comes to a relationship.

Indecisive men are seen as weak and incompetent. They won’t be considered as a suitable romantic partner. If you’re a wishy-washy guy, take note.

#3 Passionate and driven. Passionate men stand out in the eyes of women. Be it in their work, art, hobby, or in their relationship, women are attracted to men who have dedicated themselves to something they love and are uncompromising in the pursuit of their passion. On the other hand, women see men who lack drive and passion as boring, unproductive, and won’t achieve anything in life.

#4 Has a personal sense of responsibility. Women stick to men with a sense of personal responsibility and who know their limits and make the right life decisions. In addition, responsible guys own their mistakes and are reliable in times of difficulty. It makes them excellent candidates for a future husband and father.

#5 Sensitivity and empathy. Needless to say, no woman wants to end up with a man who doesn’t care and recognize her emotional needs. This makes sensitivity and empathy a must-have for all women. A sensitive and empathic man recognizes any emotional distress and reacts accordingly, making them ideal long-term life companions.

#6 Good listening skills. Women place value on good listening skills because being heard without judgement is a sign that they are valued and respected. Women gauge a man’s listening skills from his ability to know when to stop talking in a conversation, and how he tends to remember information that she just told him. Even on a friendship level,  women are closer to men who are good listeners.

#7 Genuine and honest. In a world where cheaters are all over the dating scene, expect that women would place great value on an honest man. While there are no perfectly honest guys, they go for those who are honest in moments that matter. They prefer guys who don’t lead fake lives for the sake of appearances and those who don’t fall trap to pretentions.

#8 Maturity. To summarize, women prefer men, not boys. Mature men have fewer hang-ups in life and have all the qualities on this list. They have their life figured out and handle relationships better than immature men. Of course, women want a stable life partner and not a man-child to raise that will cause her undue stress.

#9 Possesses a good sense of humor. Ever wonder why funny guys get the hottest girls? It’s because girls want their guys gifted with a sense of humor. Make no mistake, it’s not just about cracking the wittiest jokes or pulling the most clever pranks, it’s also about not taking life too seriously and having the courage to be the subject of his own joke.

#10 Home-capable. Another attractive quality is a guy capable of maintaining a home. The more capable he is than her, the better. She prefers someone who can cook, clean the house, take care of the pets, do the laundry, fetch the groceries, and of course, fix stuff. It’s their litmus test to determine if a man is good enough to marry or not.

#11 A gentleman. You might be surprised to see this on the list, but it’s true. Women still go head over heels for men who practice chivalry. They appreciate the special treatment from men who still know how to offer their seat to them in public transportation, open doors for them, and offers their arm in support when walking with them on the street.

#12 Romantic. Women are known to be romantics. It’s no surprise that they find this trait attractive in a man. She prefers a man who knows his way with words, surprises her with sweet little gifts, remembers important moments in the relationship, and takes effort to keep their flame going even though they’ve spent so many years together.

#13 Good-smelling. Believe it or not, the way a man smells is a pretty big deal for women. It won’t matter if you have the face of a Hollywood idol or the body of a model if you have poor personal hygiene. If you smell good, you look good in a woman’s eyes.

#14 Bad boy side. As confounding as it sounds, women have a strange predisposition to like bad boys. Whether it’s because bad boys tend to show more confidence, manliness, sex drive, and assertiveness, or they just think that overly nice guys come off as boring, we will never know.

#15 Personal sense of style. A man with a personal sense of style knows what best suits his body and personality. He does not fall pressure to trends. Men with this characteristic keep a carefully curated image, fashion sense, and behavior that is not pretentious.

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